CopyPaste + yType  v.2.7.5

CopyPaste is the original award winning multiple clipboard utility which now includes yType the typing accelerator which allows you to type faster and more accurately.

CopyPaste-X  v.1.6b5

One of the early wonders of the Mac was its revolutionary ability to do copy and paste across various applications.


Hot CopyPaste  v.4 1

All versions of Windows can cut, copy and paste information such as text and pictures from one program into another.

Net_clipper II  v.1.2

net_clipper II allows you to have one clipboard on multiple computers on a network.

KnowledgeMiner  v.5.4.1

KnowledgeMiner is a powerful, easy-to-use modeling and prediction tool designed to support the process of knowledge extraction from data on a highly automated level.

PhotoCircus  v.1.0.6

PhotoCircus Screen Saver is a slide show screen saver with a few extras:Able to show background or foreground alpha channel images (sample images included).

PhotoMover  v.2.1.4

PhotoMover moves (using email, ftp, and http transport) and adjusts (resizes) your photos from a source (any file, folder, or application like iPhoto) to a destination (an email address, ftp site or one of the free online photo upload services like C

Bluetooth Print Bridge  v.2.0

Bluetooth Print Bridge allows you to print to a non-bluetooth enabled printer from your Bluetooth device via your computer (the computer that runs Bluetooth Print Bridge must be set up with the printer and have Bluetooth set up).

IStar Karaoke  v.1.5.5

iStar Karaoke allows you to do professional karaoke on your Mac using .

IBeenFramed  v.1.0

Frame your photos with digital frames.

ISay  v.1.3.1

iSay simply allows you to send voice emails.

IStar Composer  v.1.21

iStar Composer creates synchronized lyrics on the Mac to export to the iPod and iTunes.

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